Is Laser Hair Removal Worth It?

What's not to love about a smooth body? It looks good, it lets you successfully rock any outfit and with it, there'll be nothing like you saying no to wearing a bikini to the beach for fear of people looking at the loads of hair sprouting from your skin.

One of the recent contributions of technology towards beauty is the use of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) laser hair removers. Now, you just might ask what the difference is between getting rid of body hairs through IPL lasers, instead of waxing, shaving, using depilatory creams or just making use of electrolysis. Right here, we would be telling you the benefits of using such lasers against other hair removal techniques.

  • You Can Achieve Permanent Hair Removal

- First off, when you decide to use an IPL laser to get rid of body hairs, you are either saying that you don't want to get rid of body hairs often or you don’t want to have the need to get rid of any hairs ever again.
You read that right.
This Handset can help you achieve permanent hair loss. This is because it enters into the skin and targets the hair shaft. It essentially works on the hair follicle thereby stopping hair growth for a long time or permanently.
You should understand that the treated hair comes off in the space of two to three weeks and if you give yourself three to seven treatment sessions, you will most likely achieve permanent hair loss.
This advantage makes using a laser hair remover preferable to shaving, waxing or making use of electrolysis which can afford you only a few weeks of a smooth and hairless skin.


  • It Has Little To No Side Effects

- If you are tired of dealing with after shave burns, scaring and skin discoloration that comes from using electrolysis, or irritations and offensive smells that accompany depilatory creams, then you should use a laser hair remover.
When using the handset as recommended, side effects are rare. Redness and swelling is the most common side effect from IPL, which will quickly subside after treatment.


  • There'll Be No Ingrown Hairs

- You know those irritating Ingrown hairs that are triggered by shaving or tweezing and cause inflammations?
Well, with laser hair removal, you don't have to bother about them anymore.

  • It Makes Regrown Hair Sparse And Fine

- Unlike shaving that leaves you battling thick and excessively regrown hairs, IPL lasers do the exact opposite.
In the first instance, hair takes a good while before resurfacing after treatment.
In some cases, the hair removal effect can be permanent. However, if body hairs regrow after your treatment, chances are that they won't be thick and unpleasant to the eyes.
Such hairs will be sparse and fine and you will be able to flaunt them.


  • Treatment Done In 30 Minutes

- Laser treatment has an advantage of being done fast.
This of course depends on the part of the body that's being treated.
So, you can very quickly get rid of those unpleasant body hairs and still meet up with your appointments for the day.


  • It Can Be Done When You Lack Surface Hair

- Just in case you were thinking about how much surface hair you should have before giving yourself a laser hair removal treatment.
Good news! You need absolutely no hair!
The reason is this. In order to prevent you scorching your surface hair before taking a treatment, you can get rid of any surface hair through whatever hair removal method you choose.
On the other side, choosing to have a couple of hairs before going for treatment, won’t make the treatment any less potent.


  • It Is Affordable

- It is a popular belief that removing body hairs through lasers can be quite expensive.
Research shows that this treatment can cost $150 to $500 per treatment.
While laser hair removal technique can be expensive, it can also be really affordable if you purchase a reliable laser remover and treat yourself from the comfort of your home. Trust us. Using a laser by yourself is not as complicated as it seems.
For as low as $150, you can purchase an IPL laser hair remover and give yourself DIY treatment for as long as 12+ years.

LuxNeeds IPL laser hair remover is one of such hair removers.
It is perfect for all skin tones apart from the darkest skin tones, you get to receive salon convenience from the comfort of your home, and unlike other laser hair removers that can be painful and also produce snapping sensations on the skin, the IPL laser hair remover is gentle, pain free and safe.
Additionally, it has no hidden costs. This is because it does not need refills.



On a final note, in a world where beauty is at its peak and appearance means a lot, you really can't afford to go about town with a lot of hair sprouting from your skin. To help you effectively get rid of those unappealing hairs, portable lasers like LuxNeeds IPL Laser Hair Remover were invented and it’s advantages are pretty amazing.

Ready to get smooth?