Shipping & Handling

United States

Standard: 4-12 Business Days - FREE

Express: 2-3 Business Days 


United Kingdom

Standard: 4-12 Business Days - FREE 

Express: 3-5 Business Days



Standard: 4-12 Business Days - FREE 

Express: 4-7 Business Days



Standard: 4-12 Business Days - FREE (depending on location)

Express: 4-12 Business Days (depending on location)



Standard: 4-12 Business Days - FREE 

Express: 4-10 Business Days


New Zealand

Standard: 4-9 Business Days - FREE 

Express: 3-5 Business Days


Rest Of World

Standard: FREE 4-12 Business Days (depending on location)

Express: 4-12 Business Days (depending on location)

Please NOTE: *Shipping times are subject to stock availability and exclude clearance/customs delays.



All orders will typically be dispatched within 2-3 business day from our warehouse and all orders will include tracking from dispatch to delivery. All orders will be shipped in durable packaging to ensure your purchase is not damaged during transit. LuxNeeds is not responsible for delays, lost or damaged shipments or orders sent to incorrect, invalid addresses or correct addresses. It is always in our best interests to make sure you receive your parcel in a timely manner and LuxNeeds will assist as much as possible to trace a missing parcel. LuxNeeds is not responsible for refunds of shipping costs in the event of delayed shipping due to product availability.